Why Pura Vida Bootcamp?

Challenge Yourself

Enjoy challenging but rewarding activities such as yoga, bootcamps, Absolute Abs training, flexibility training, and healthy eating.

Discover New You

Rediscover your passions and redefine your purpose so you can find the clarity you need to confidently move into this next phase of your life.

Enrich Your Life

Cultivating a sense of freedom by letting go of your anxiety, disappointment & heartache- so you finally start to feel like yourself again.

Bootcamp Info

Outside of Adventure activities we will start our day off with an invigorating bootcamp-style workout every morning at the beach! Its purpose is to create a way of life that is healthy, sustainable, fulfilling, and fun. All elements are arranged to create a series of wonderful, walkable public spaces interwoven with nature.

Our workouts include strength training, body weight conditioning exercises, and high intensity interval training. Each workout will come with a warm up and cool down and is suitable for all levels of fitness and is made to be fun and invigorating.

This is a great opportunity to move your body and experience the serene nature in Costa Rica.

Why Pura Vida Mindset?

Together we will practice healthy habits and cultivate mindfulness in our daily lives.

It is very easy to live a life of overconsumption. Whether it’s food, drink, cheap entertainment, or shopping we can help you shift your mindset and live a healthy lifestyle.

  • It starts with mindfulness. It is easiest to over eat or indulge when you are distracted.
  • Some strategies we will teach you to avoid overeating are:
  • Staying hydrated: so your body doesn’t confuse thirst for hunger
  • Consistent eating: avoid strong hunger pains with regular meals
  • Avoid distraction: set your phone down and focus on connecting with others at meals

But our Mindset bootcamp does more than just that…

The Black Swan Mindset Program helps you gain self awareness, confidence, direction in your health, career, relationships, and life.

  • Through the unique tools and methods in this program, you will find the unbreakable mindset that can get you exactly what you’re looking for in life.
  • Long term peak fitness for your body
  • Improving ALL of your relationships
  • Making more money
  • Saying YES to what you love and NO to what you don’t
  • Gaining a newfound freedom and enjoyment in your life

​Make your dreams a reality and become the best version of yourself!