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Welcome to the 180ºFitness Pura Vida Adventure Wellness Retreat

Recharge Yourself

Enjoy rejuvenating activities like yoga, Volcanic Mud Baths, Hot Springs, and healthy food to recharge the body and nourish the mind.

Discover New You

Rediscover your passions and redefine your purpose so you can find the clarity you need to confidently move into this next phase of your life .

Enrich Your Life

Cultivating a sense of freedom by letting go of your anxiety, disappointment & heartache- so you finally start to feel like yourself again.

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____180° Adventure

The Pura Vida Way

We’ve all been there before: After an amazing holiday filled with fine-dining, cocktails and extensive lounging on the beach, you return home to find your trousers seem just a bit more snug than they did before you left. But who said holidays had to leave you feeling sluggish and out of shape? If you’re looking to get a bit more out of your vacation, then look no further than the 180ºFitness Pura Vida Adventure Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica.

Escape the daily grind, reconnect with nature, and get your heart rate pumping all at the same time. Guaranteed to nourish your mind, body and soul—while still promising the vacation of a lifetime.

Focus on Your Body With the Right People

Transforming your body is something you don’t have to do on your own. Your coach is here to guide and supervise you, and your peers are here to motivate you and help you push yourself to your limits. When we put a class together with other fitness minded people – the results are magical!

It may be due to playful exercises, new friendships or simply because motivation infects – you’ll have an easier time to get in shape by sharing that experience with like minded people.

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Your Body, Your Schedule.

Work Towards Your Best Self

Our schedules are spread throughout the different days, and we will create and adjust your own personalized workout routine based on your individual needs.

You can have work-outs throughout the day, or cluster them in the mornings to free up your evenings. You and your body are the ultimate decision makers here!

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Unique Experiences

Zipline Adventure

Surfing Lessons

Horseback Adventure

Hear what people are saying about our community

"180 Fitness is a place where you will completely change the way you think about health and fitness and see permanent changes in your body and mind. Amazing trainers, coaches and like-minded community.".


Rachel G.

"A tirelessly dedicated owner and a staff of caring and supportive goal oriented trainers to help you achieve your health goals!! Highly recommend becoming a part of this fit family. It truly has changed my life for the better. Work outs, Nutrition and Mindset all combined to help achieve lasting change. Can't say enough about this team... Thank you!"


Mitch B.

"The trainers here are fantastic. Workouts are always new and exciting. Facility is well equipped and very clean. The owner, Adrian Delorey, has done an impressive job creating a community environment!"


Sheri-Lynne S.

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